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Hibachi Chicken


Hibachi, also known as teppanyaki, refers to dishes cooked using a teppan, including steak, shrimp, okonomiyaki, yakisoba and monjayaki. The teppanyaki grills are called teppan and are typically propane-heated, flat-surfaced, and are widely used to cook food in front of guests at restaurants.

At Kyoto Hibachi & Sushi, our goal is to provide a fun and unique hibachi experience as well as high quality ingredients. It's a great place for parties and unique dates!


As a first generation Chinese immigrant, Jiang had an enormous amount of passion for Japanese culture as well as their food. To pursue his dream after coming to the states, he started learning how to cook Japanese cuisine and make sushi. He finally became a sushi chef at a Japanese restaurant in 2001. After many years of hard work, he opened his first Hibachi and sushi restaurant in upstate New York. He later took over Kyoto Hibachi & Sushi from the previous owner, Mr. Kim, and has been providing high quality sushi and hibachi to the community. 

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